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Website User Experience Testing

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Website User Experience Testing

Purple Patch Marketing will source members of your target market and set scenarios and activities for these individuals to complete on your website and then survey them to see whether they were able to do what you anticipate that your clients and potential customers will be able to do on your new website.

It’s all very well to review a website that you have created or been involved with creating over and over, until you’re certain that it is ‘perfect’, but if members of your target market find it difficult to use, boring or confusing, then you’ve wasted your money.

You know how it’s supposed to work because you wrote or created it … but do your customers?

  • This service will include:
    • working with you to develop customer ‘personas’ that describe your ideal customers (e.g. 30 Year Old Male, Married, Living in the Northern Beaches, likes maintaining his home and garden);
    • sourcing the individuals who meet these descriptions
    • setting up the scenarios that your ‘user experience testers’ will work from,
    • overseeing the testing process and;
    • surveying the testers and then providing a report with recommendations to you, following testing.

This means that you can take comfort in the knowledge that the new website that you think is great appeals to your target market and is therefore likely to generate leads and sales.

You can also get new ideas directly from your target market for new services that you may offer or changes you may wish to make to your existing services/product range.

You will be able to get on the ‘front-foot’ with your online presence and know that you are ‘on the right track’ and will get a return on investment (ROI) for your effort and expenditure.

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