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Split A/B Testing

Split A/B Testing2017-06-13T20:47:01+10:00

Split A/B Testing

You’re probably wondering, ‘what on earth is split A/B testing’?  Well, read on to find out …

In essence, split A/B testing is a process of continuous improvement.

Purple Patch Marketing can work with you after you have launched your site and set up small tests of various elements of your website, to see which has the best results. For example, you might test a green ‘buy now’ button and an ‘orange’ buy now button, to see which one gets more clicks, or you might try two different headlines for a blog post, to see which one gets more visits. The possibilities are endless!

This means that you can continuously improve your website and your ROI.

Your competitors are probably doing some or all of these tests on their websites and/or social profiles … don’t be left behind!

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