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Competitive Analysis

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Competitor Analysis

Purple Patch Marketing will undertake general web research as well as using premium ‘paid’ competitive analysis tools to provide you with a competitive analysis of your website.

I will provide you with a report that shows you:
•    who your most significant online competitors are; and
•    how your website compares to your competitors.

This knowledge will allow you to be ahead of the game – you will know what your competitors are up to and be able to match or beat them.

You will also discover some competitors you were not aware of.  Many small or offline/’bricks and mortar’ businesses don’t realise that they are not just competing online with the competitors that they have identified in their local area, but also all the other webpages/businesses/blogs that are trying to get to Page One of Google or the other search engines for the same keywords/search terms.

You will also get new inspiration for your marketing activities and gain a greater understanding of what works online and what doesn’t.

Don’t start building or redesigning a website without talking to me first … you’ll be glad you did!

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